Je bois - Gainsbourg, vie héroïque

(movie scene)

This is a scene from the movie Gainsbourg, vie héroïque, (released in 2010) where Serge Gainsbourg and Boris Vian mix their respective songs, both entitled Je bois (= I drink), into one entertaining performance. 

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Gainsbourg vu par Philippe Labro


This is a truly amazing documentary (in French...), which depicts a subtle portrait of Serge Gainsbourg’s professional and personal life.

This documentary features some of the best interviews of Serge, like this touching one at the very beginning where he says why it is a good thing that he’s not happy. Or this other one further on (10:32), where he explains why it is time to re-invent French songwriting.

L’eau à la bouche - Swiss TV, 1960

(mini-interview & music clip)

This is a hilarious interview where the TV host is totally confused by the answers of Serge, as the latter is making very clever play on words.

Serge: La nouvelle vague, y’a rien de plus vague.

Présentateur: Mmm...

Serge: C’est un avant goût d’arrière garde, et surtout un arrière goût d’avant garde.

Présentateur: Euh oui, c’est une opinion... 

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